As the weather warms up, there’s no better way to keep kids cool and healthy than with delicious, nutritious frozen treats. This blog will explore the numerous benefits of homemade frozen snacks, provide tips for making them healthily, and offer fun and creative ideas to get your children excited about eating them. From incorporating fruits and vegetables to using natural sweeteners and dairy-free options, you’ll find everything you need to whip up a variety of tasty and wholesome frozen treats that kids will love. 

Benefits of Healthy Frozen Treats

Healthy frozen treats offer numerous benefits, making them a great choice for kids and parents alike. Unlike store-bought options, homemade frozen treats can be packed with nutritional advantages, as they often contain natural ingredients and fewer added sugars. They encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, sneaking in essential vitamins and minerals while satisfying their sweet tooth. Additionally, these treats provide a cool and refreshing snack perfect for hot days, helping kids stay hydrated and energized. Making frozen treats at home also allows for creativity and customization, ensuring that each treat meets your child’s dietary needs and preferences.


Tips for Healthy Treat Making

  • Use fruits and vegetables to reap the nutritional benefits. Test small amounts of vegetables as they can often be undetectable.
  • Pair protein and fiber for a more filling treat. Protein can be found in milk and yogurt which can easily be integrated into a healthy frozen treat.
  • Use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars like honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, stevia and pureed fruits.
  • Integrate dairy-free options for children who have lactose sensitivities or intolerance.


Fun & Creative Ideas

Making frozen treats can be an exciting and creative process that kids will love. Using fun molds and shapes, like stars or animals, can make the treats visually appealing and more enjoyable to eat. Adding colorful layers with different fruit purees not only makes the treats look beautiful but also adds a variety of flavors and nutritional benefits. Decorating treats with edible glitter or sprinkles can add a touch of magic and fun. Simple steps, like blending fruit or pouring mixtures into molds, are perfect tasks for kids to help with, making treat preparation a delightful family activity. This hands-on involvement not only teaches them about healthy eating but also creates lasting memories together.

Healthy Frozen Treats to Try

Coconut, cherry & vanilla bean ice pops.
Combine ingredients with greek yogurt or milk. Then pour into ice pop mold and freeze.

Blueberry ice pops.
Mix vanilla greek yogurt and sweetener of choice. Mash some blueberries and stir into mix. Then add some whole blueberries and mix. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze.

Raspberry-lemon greek frozen yogurt bark.
Mix yogurt, lemon and natural sweetener to taste, then pour onto parchment lined baking pan. Sprinkle raspberries on top and freeze. Break apart once frozen and serve.

Choco-Banana Pops.
Take frozen banana, and cut in half. Then insert popsicle stick through the bottom and dip in dark chocolate. Roll in crushed nuts or coconut shavings for extra flavor.

Watermelon slushy.
Puree watermelon and freeze. 

Breakfast pops.
Yogurt and fruit ice pops rubbed with peanut butter and rolled in granola.

Frozen grapes.
Place washed grapes in freezer. Serve when frozen.

Banana ice cream.
Blend frozen bananas and seeds from 1 vanilla bean in a food processor. 

Frozen fruit kabobs.
Skewer favorite fruits and freeze. Serve when frozen.

Coconut milk popsicles.
Mix coconut milk with a bit of vanilla extract and honey, then freeze in molds for a dairy-free option.

Mango strawberry snow cones.
Blend ice in a food processor. Add peeled mangoes and strawberries and pulse until blended.

Frozen Yogurt Parfait Bites.
Mix greek yogurt and natural sweetener of choice. Add mixture to ice tray style mold. Sprinkle granola on top then press a raspberry or blackberry into to top and freeze. 

Wrapping Up Healthy Frozen Treats for Kids

Creating healthy frozen treats at home is a fun and rewarding way to keep kids cool and nourished during the summer. By incorporating natural ingredients, involving your children in the preparation process, and experimenting with creative ideas, you can make snack time both enjoyable and nutritious. These homemade options offer significant health benefits over store-bought treats, ensuring your kids get the essential vitamins and minerals they need while indulging in delicious, refreshing snacks.

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