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Like part of the family. We care for children and teenagers, whether it’s well checks, sick visits, newborn care or physicals. We take the time to answer all your questions and give you and your children the focused attention they deserve. When you call after hours with an emergency, you speak to one of our providers and will be taken care of as soon as possible.

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Michael S. Amster, M.D.

Dr. Michael Amster founded Warrenton Pediatrics in 2006 after practicing medicine for four years in Centreville, Virginia. As a board-certified Pediatrician since 2002, he has expertise in neonatal, childhood, and adolescent medicine. He feels it’s vitally important to work with the patient and their family, including the mental, physical, nutritional, and developmental factors that make up every child.

Cheryl Kemerer, M.D.

Dr. Cheryl Kemerer has been practicing pediatrics since 2000. She has a wide range of special interests within pediatrics, including newborn care and lactation, developmental pediatrics, and adolescent health. Dr. Cheryl strongly believes in the importance of working with parents and families to provide the best care for her patients.

Ashley Jeniec, MS, CPNP-PC

A board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and licensed through the Virginia State Board of Nursing and Board of Medicine. Ashley spent many years as a labor nurse and has a wealth of experience working with new moms and young children that she is excited to bring to her patients.

Sooky Emmanuel-Frank, MS, CPNP-PC

A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner licensed by the Virginia State Board of Nursing and Board of Medicine. Sooky is board-certified by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB), and has over ten years of pediatric nursing experience, to include school health, neonatal intensive care, and pediatric intensive care that she brings to our practice and her patients.

Laurie Wolf, CPNP-PC

A board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner licensed by the Virginia State Board of Nursing and Board of Medicine. She is also a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. She completed her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Laurie believes in treating the entire family as a unit, not just the patient.

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Influenza in Children

Influenza can be detected year-round, however, there is an increase during the fall and winter months. The initial spike occurs in October which marks the beginning of what we call “flu season”. This contagious viral infection affects the lungs causing symptoms like high fever, body aches, and coughing to name a few. Children can be at a higher risk depending on their circumstances. Here is what you can expect when it comes to vaccines, diagnosis, and treatment.

the power of play and its benefits in children

The Power of Play and its Benefits

Many parents and guardians know that children will naturally gravitate towards play. While some benefits are clear like bonding and reducing boredom, there are a number of benefits that aren’t well known. Play is commonly associated with joy and happiness, however, it’s also a method of learning. And that is the main reason children can greatly benefit short and long-term from play.

8 Safety Tips for Youth in Fall Sports

The school year is back in session and fall sports are about to begin. Children and teens should be careful when participating in physically demanding sports to avoid common and serious harm. Be proactive to prevent injuries and physical strain with these 8 safety tips.