Independence Day is a holiday we love celebrating. Cookouts, visiting with friends and family, and of course, fireworks. However, this holiday staple has been the source of numerous accidents every year. Here are 10 safety tips to keep in mind when using fireworks.


1. Choose a Mindful Location

Before running for the lighter, check your surroundings! Are you far enough away from any structures like houses and sheds? Open spaces are the safest to set off fireworks.


2. Assist and Supervise Children

Guardians should light fireworks for young children. And older children should be supervised. Even sparklers can emit an extremely dangerous amount of heat.


3. Be Prepared for Accidents

It’s better to be prepared than not be and wish you had. Keeping a garden hose nearby or buckets of water are essential to minimize accidents should they occur.


4. Check Weather Conditions

Some locations throughout the United States are prone to dry conditions. Even places that aren’t can experience dry spells. Conditions like that cause concern when dealing with any kind of fire or spark. Make sure your weather conditions are optimal for using flammable materials.


5. Light One at a Time

When you’re able to keep an eye on what’s happening around you, you’re able to act quickly. Lighting off multiple fireworks at a time limits one’s ability to supervise what’s going on and react if needed. Plus you’ll run out of fireworks faster! It’s best to light one off at a time.


6. Keep a Safe Distance

Many of us have been on YouTube or other platforms where we see firework mishaps go viral. Often times it’s because they are standing too close. And what we don’t see online is the very real consequences of getting hit. Severe burns are no joking matter. Avoid it by staying safe and backing away after lighting it. And make sure to light it from the side versus standing over it.


7. Discard them Properly

This one frequently goes overlooked but it’s very important. Be sure to soak or dose all expended/ faulty fireworks before disposing of them. Residual sparks or excessive heat in a bin spells disaster.



We hope you have a wonderful
and safe holiday weekend!