Riding a bike is a fun way to explore your community or get to a destination. However, this delightful activity results in numerous accidents every year, including fatalities. Many times there are ways accidents like these can be avoided. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when going out for a ride.

Wear a Helmet

Most fatal biking accidents are caused by head injuries. And many times these injuries could be avoided by just wearing a helmet. It’s a simple act and could make all the difference.

Make Yourself Seen

Wear bright or reflective clothing is crucial in making yourself seen. This is especially important when biking in areas near motor vehicle traffic. As traffic traveling at higher speeds has less time to react.

Use Both Hands

Even if you have the best balance you can be caught off guard, and need the quickest reaction time possible to avoid risks. If both hands are gripping the handlebars, you guarantee a quicker reaction time compared to alternative ways of riding.

Bike Without Distractions

In the tech age where devices are constantly making noise and yelling for our attention, it can be difficult to ignore. Phones are some of the most common distractions and can cause accidents. When riding your bike, minimize distraction by turning off the volume and putting it away. Also using headphones or earbuds while biking disrupts your hearing and can keep you from noticing potential dangers.

Use Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are put in place to keep bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians safe. When there is a dedicated bike line present, be sure to use it. It is the best way to ensure the people around you are expecting cyclists and are not caught off guard by your presence.

Communicate at Intersections

Most accidents involving bicycles occur at or close to intersections. This is because it is hard for drivers to anticipate your actions. Using hand signals to communicate what you plan to do is a great way to avoid accidents.