We’re excited that Halloween is around the corner! Halloween is a beloved holiday, especially for our children, ghouls, princesses, superheroes, and adorable pumpkins. Covid-19 will make it more difficult to celebrate, and it may not look like a normal trick-or-treat walk around the neighborhood but we have some ideas and tips to make sure Halloween is still the spookiest fun you can have during quarantine!  Create Candy/Gift Bags Our counties haven’t announced if trick-or-treating is allowed at all yet, but if it is creating individual bags will help prevent having many hands in the same big bowl of candy, and help mitigate how many people you need to interact with in one night. Plus it is a fun activity to do with your children. Who doesn’t want to make gifts for their friends? Design Your Own Costumes If your children are the crafty kind, making their costumes with them can be fun and help give them an activity that is decidedly Halloween themed without the exposure of trick-or-treating. If they have a specific character in mind and you already have a costume, making a matching mask for them or you can still be fun! Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Making fall and Halloween theme decorations for the house and the yard is a great way to share the spooky spirit with the neighborhood! Also drawing cards, posters, or pumpkins for friends and neighbors helps create the community that everyone might be missing this time of year. Trick-or-Treat Around the House Get the whole family involved and hide treats and tricks around the house! Have older siblings dress up and help play fun characters or spooky ghosts to add to the atmosphere. Turn off the lights and arm your trick-or-treaters with flashlights and goodie bags and turn them loose in the house to find their prizes! Sure your living room may not look the same for a while, but it will be a fun, whole-family activity to celebrate Halloween! If you are going trick-or-treating we have a few safety tips for you:

  • Be sure that you and your children wear masks.
  • Pack enough hand sanitizer to be able to use after every house.
  • Bring flashlights and think about applying some reflective tape to your child’s costume.
  • Check your child’s candy in a well lit place before allowing them to eat any.
    • To prevent snacking before the treats have been looked over try giving your child a snack before leaving the house.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Halloween plans, give us a call at  540.349.3225 to speak with one of our providers.