Halloween night includes trick-or-treating and being out after dark. Keep this year’s Halloween night fun and safe with these tips.


Halloween Safety for Children

👻  Little goblins and vampires that are under the age of 13 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

👻  Help choose a costume without a heavy mask or face covering to ensure they can see well. Face paint is a great alternative!

👻  Be extra cautious when walking and adhere to walking signals and traffic lights. Stick to the sidewalks as much as possible.

👻  Choose a glow-in-the-dark candy bucket or bag to enhance your child’s visibility. Reflective tape and glow sticks can also be used as a fun way to keep your child visible.

👻  Make sure the costume fits properly. Too long pants and capes can be a tripping hazard.

👻  Ensure your child knows how to call home in case they get lost or separated. They should also know how to call 911 in the case of an emergency.

👻  When you get home check the treats. Throw away treats whose packages are ripped or torn. And don’t eat homemade treats that were made by people you don’t know.


Halloween Safety for Teens

👻  Teens who are driving should be especially careful behind the wheel. Always drive slowly through neighborhoods, watch for pedestrians, and eliminate distractions.

👻  Encourage kids who will not be joined by an adult to stay in groups. At least 3 is recommended at all times.

👻  Carry a cell phone.

👻  Agree to a time to be home by. And encourage communication if they know they will be late.

👻  Do not go into a stranger’s car or house.

👻  Only visit homes that have their lights on.

👻  Know what route your teens plan to take.

👻  Dress for the weather.

👻  Communicate your allergies when receiving treats and bring an EpiPen if you have one.


Halloween Safety for Home Owners

👻  Make sure your exterior lights are on and your sidewalks are well-lit.

👻  Buy a variety of goodies. Kids with allergies and other medical conditions may not be able to eat most candies. Stickers, coloring books, erasers, and crayons can be good substitutes.

👻  Sweep driveways and sidewalks to remove slipping hazards.

👻  Purchase prepackaged candies and only make homemade treats for people you know.


Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

Want to do something different this year? Here are some ideas!

👻  Some community and recreation centers put on events or provide activities at their facilities.

👻  Host your own Halloween party. Set up some themed games and activities. DIY crafts, apple bobbing, and pumpkin carving are a few examples.

👻  Shopping centers and local businesses also put on events or experiences.

👻  In light of COVID-19 many communities have created parking lot events like trunk-or-treating. this ensures a sectioned-off, well-lit environment.

👻  Another activity that has come in recent years is drive-through experiences like haunted car rides.

👻  Take in an experience like a haunted house or scary movie. Some less scary outings can include going to a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or corn maze.


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