Summer is one of the best seasons for going out and spending time with friends and family. And even though the hustle and bustle is fun and exciting, we can lose track of our healthy habits as a result. Here are some nutrition-based tips to keep healthy this summer.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is important and especially so during the summer. When dealing with the hot weather that causes you to sweat, drinking water will keep you from suffering from heat-related conditions like heat stroke. Plus it will keep your energy up to continue to enjoy your favorite summer past-times.

Make Good Snacking Choices

When gearing up for the vacation getaway or lengthy road trip pay attention to what you eat. It’s easy to reach for a quick gas station snack like chips and candy. Instead, try something more nutritious like fruit or nuts. They are lower in calories and will give you more sustainable energy to get you through the day.  

Trade Soda for a Smoothie

Soda is notorious for being very high in added sugar. Instead, enjoy a sweet treat with much lower added sugar, jam-packed with vitamins. Gather your favorite fruits, some natural juice and blend with ice for a cool healthy drink. Throw a dollop of vanilla greek yogurt in for even more health benefits!

Grill High-Protein Meats

As much as we enjoy the occasional hot dog and hamburger, there are many other more nutritious options to consider. Chicken breasts, salmon fillets, and shrimp are just a few examples. Pair it with some grilled corn on the cob, squash, or asparagus for a very nutritious meal.

Continuing to keep healthy habits in mind this summer will give you the energy to do all those fun seasonal activities. By avoiding foods with a high amount of added sugar and implementing high protein foods you’ll be enjoying a healthy and nutritious diet this summer!