Summer time is the best time to have fun and have new experiences with your family. There are a few ways to make sure that you have a great summer. Part Two of our series on Summer Safety is full of helpful tips! 

Don’t forget to Wear a Helmet. 

During the summer, taking a bike ride, going to the park to skateboard, or rollerblading at the beach are even more fun than usual. Don’t forget though, that wearing a helmet is not a yes or no question. Children should always be wearing a helmet when using anything with wheels. 

Always set a good example by wearing your helmet when you are riding your bike or using anything with wheels. 

Protect against Drowning

In the summer months of May through August drowning deaths increase by 89% in children. If you own a swimming pool or if your child will be near a pool, lake, or other body of water, there are many security measures that need to be set up to ensure their safety. 

Barriers around a backyard pool is the number one way to prevent an accidental drowning. Having doors with locks and audible alarms to keep kids out of the area when adults and parents are not present. Never leaving kids unsupervised, even if they think they are a capable swimmer, do not leave the pool area without adult supervision. Drownings can happen silently, so a constant adult presence is crucial for your child’s safety. 

Do not use floatation devices like “floaties” and other floating toys, as they can give children who can’t swim false confidence. If your children can not swim, and you want them to wear a floatation device, be sure it is a Coast Guard approved vest. Visit their site here to read more about how to wear life jackets and sizing. The Coast Guard has put out a guide to help choose the correct life jacket/floatation devices for all the water fun that you will be having! 

Check to see if the Red Cross offers online and in-person classes to get pediatric and adult CPR certified in your area. 

 Food Safety is Key

To help prevent foodborne illness be sure to wash your hands before preparing or serving food, and ensure that your children wash their hands before eating. Never cross-contaminate. Do not allow raw meat or poultry to come into contact with any other food, plates, or utensils. Be sure to always consider the temperature, and cook all meat and poultry to the correct temperature to kill off any and all harmful bacteria. Perishables should always be kept in the fridge, and leftovers should not be left out unrefrigerated for more than one to two hours. 

Foodborne illnesses are always a concern, but during the summer the risks increase as the heat and humidity are higher. Also there are more times that food is prepared outside where there is no refrigeration and there are few places available to wash hands before serving food. 

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