Every summer, millions of children attend various types summer camps. In a camp setting, children get to develop a set of independence and sense of community, all at the same time.  Summer camps are known for creating a safe environment where your children can gain self-confidence and learn new skills. If this is the first year you are looking to send your children to summer camp, you may have a lot of questions and hesitations.  We are here to help guide you with some answers to help you embark on the journey of summer camp.

Summer camp will help build skills necessary to prepare campers to assume roles as successful adults. When campers come home, parents notice that their children show growth in areas such as self-confidence, independence, making friends, exploring and learning new activities, and spirituality. Camp can provide growth experiences for youth that can benefit them through adulthood.

How do I know my child is ready for camp?

When making the decision to send your child to camp, there is not a specific age they need to be. Your child’s age depends on the specific camp you want to send them to.  Each camp will have their own specific rules and requirements, so make sure you do your research before making your final decision. Something you want to consider will be the type of camp you will send your child to (single sex, co-ed, day only, sleep away, specialty.)  There are many to choose from and the one you choose will depend on your child’s unique development. It is a good idea to contact the camp directors at the camps you are considering, to get their perspective on the milestones your child should achieve before attending that camp.

What are the benefits of Summer Camp?

  • Children spend their day being physically active
  • Learn self-confidence
  • Gain a sense of resiliency
  • Build skills they can use for a lifetime
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Learn and implement new social skills
  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Try new things they are not normally exposed to

The main goal of a well-run camp is to ensure that children have an amazingly, fun experience.  Summer camps offer new adventures, new friendships, new experiences, and plenty of good fun.