Our office wants to continue to make sure that you and your family stay healthy during this time, that’s why attending Well Check appointments and receiving vaccines are imperative. 

Well Checks are the backbone of preventative medicine. Well Checks establish baseline information on your child so that later they can quickly spot anything unusual. It’s also our chance to regularly discuss your child’s health progress and address educational needs. With the school year ending and 2021 physicals starting, making your appointment now will help make sure you beat the rush before the fall. 

We are taking measures to limit exposure during the COVID 19 outbreak. Check-in and waiting is done while remaining in your vehicle, and all contact in the office will be with individuals who are masked. We are preferentially seeing well visits in the morning. While thorough sanitization and disinfection happens after every patient, there is added advantage with the deep cleaning that starts every day. Sick or febrile individuals are scheduled in the afternoon. 

We can not stress enough how important it is to make sure that your child receives all of their vaccinations. The American Academy of Pediatrics is concerned about another outbreak of diseases like measles and other preventable diseases either during or after quarantine and social distancing restrictions. We are doing everything we can to safeguard your family during their visits to our offices. 

Warrenton & Linton Hall Pediatrics is now offering scheduled Telemedicine Services.  Face-to-face online visits with one of our providers, via a computer, laptop, or smartphone, are an available option for some sick appointments, follow-ups, or provider consultations. In order to practice social distancing, we would like to minimize the number of patients coming to our office, but we want to continue being your medical home. 

Most insurance companies will cover the charges for a Telemedicine visit, with the same co-pay arrangement as an office visit. Prescriptions can be electronically delivered to your pharmacy.

You do not need to cancel or reschedule well check-ups for 18 months and younger; however, we will work to reschedule these if you desire. These children need their immunizations, so we don’t have an added epidemic on our hands. We will work hard to accommodate any missed well visits once things return to normal. We are doing our best to schedule well checks in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon to minimize exposure to sick individuals.

To be as cautious as possible, we are asking that ONLY the patient and ONE healthy parent or guardian come in for any visit. Please leave siblings at home, if possible. Bring your own book or toys and leave strollers in your car. If the parent or guardian coming with the child is sick or not feeling well, please let us know when you call and as soon as you come into the office. If desired, you can also check-in from outside the office and wait in your car for you to be “called back.”

Our office hours have changed to 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday at both locations. Saturday remains the same, from 9 am to 1 pm, in the Linton Hall office, by appointment. Our office phone triage will start at 8 am. We encourage you to call early in the day whenever possible. As always, there is a provider on-call after hours, call 540-349-3225.